Publisher : Big point
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User Review
Publisher : Big point
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Key Features
  • Farming simulation RPG browser game.
  • Grow a number of crops and use them to feed your animals.
  • Utilize the rest of your crops for trading and unlock new ones to progress.
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Most played countries
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Shimrit  |  February 28, 2019

About the game


Farmerama is an RPG game that simulates the life of a farmer. If you’re not immediately triggered to step into such a role, you should realize that farming is actually quite a challenging occupation and in that sense, provides a more than interesting game setting. Besides that, it helps to realize that farms provide the basic ingredients for a majority of the food that ends up on your plate every day: from the meat of your burger to the cheese that tops it and the fries on the side, to the milk in your after dinner coffee. Farmerama paints a strictly organized but at the same time intriguing world full of cute yet realistic details, daily tasks, and opportunities, covering the whole farming spectrum, Bigpoint has managed to include all the essential parts of the hard job of being a farmer while keeping things light and playful, and what we get is a high-quality farming simulator with wonderful animation, perfect graphics, and captivating gameplay, creating an altogether fun farming experience. Not necessarily one that prepares players for the real-life experience (try getting up at 4 in the morning!), but it does well in covering not just the main farming jobs, but also some of the related commercial activities.

Farmerama is not just about farming, it is also about building relationships with other players, so you can trade your products and advance in the game, adding more crops and more animals, generating more trade options and making your farm prosper.

It is repetitive, there is no denying. But as long as you progress in the right direction, it’s the good kind of repetitiveness. Not the boring kind, but the kind that makes you feel you’re perfecting your skill – which is a totally different experience and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Key features

  • Back to basics: embrace the countryside by being a virtual farmer. Get your own digital plot of land with a farmhouse, a mill, and a big barn.
  • Sharpen your farming skills: plow fields, sow, water and fertilize seeds to grow a variety of vegetables and grains, and raise farm animals (chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, etc.) to create more fertilizer to continue the farming cycle.
  • Trading your crop harvests: sell your harvest (on the market or in the city) and make money to buy equipment to make harvesting easier, seeds to grow more crops, animals, and other farming supplies.
  • Decorate your farm: put your homestead on display so visitors can enjoy and rate it after you properly decorated it to make it more attractive.
  • Free to play: no credit card and no downloads required.


You start the game by buying a piece of land and deciding on the crops you want to grow, choosing from four initially available options (hay, carrots, lettuce, and wheat), which are the fastest growing crops. As you progress in the game, your crop choices expand. Once your crops are fully grown, you harvest them and store them to use as food for the animals, or sell them.

Breeding livestock is equally simple: you house the animals in a pen, where you feed them and wait for them to breed. Hold on, the feeding part is not that simple: some animals require only one kind of food while others need food from a combination of crops. Once your animals are done breeding, you collect them and clean their excrements, which can be used to fertilize the crops.

The game is cyclical in the sense that you use (part of) the harvested crops to feed your livestock and in turn, the animals’ manure serves as the main fertilizer for your crops. You can use other crop boosters (super fertilizer, crop dusting), but those only become available after completing several quests or as a premium in-game purchase.

A particularly cool aspect of Farmerama is the fact that Bigpoint maintains very close ties to the Farmerama community of players up to the point that community members can take on an active role in building the development roadmap for new features. Aside from making suggestions, they can vote for new features to be actually implemented in the game.  

Standout features


The graphics in Farmerama are definitely cute and entertaining. The 2D style works perfectly for the farming setting.

No energy-based system

Farmerama does offer players the option to buy game boosters, but it won’t block your game progress for being out of energy.

Free game expansions

Players don’t have to tap into the paid features of Farmerama to be able to use the game expansions provided. Game expansions, like the Bahamarama one that opens up a tropical farming area, are free and are a great way to keep things interesting with a new edge to the game.

Premium accounts

It is beneficial to get a Farmerama membership. Quick access to resources to progress faster, access to areas without fulfilling quests, are some of the perks. These benefits provide an advantage without turning Farmerama into a “pay-to-win” game.

Overall rating

Farmerama is one of the main competitors of the most famous farming game around, Facebook’s Farmville. It is easy to understand how it reached this status because playing Farmerama is a lot of fun. It is simple, straightforward, but there is enough new stuff going on to expand in to keep the game interesting for a longer period. Also, the premium membership makes things easier, but because it is not being pushed down your throat all the time, it doesn’t take away the playing fun of those who are not interested. Those of us who grew up in the city and are interested in looking at life from a different angle will find this RPG game really entertaining for sure. Dive into the world of farming!