Vikings: War of Clans Review

Publisher : Plarium
Genre : MMO
Type : Array
User Review
User Review
Publisher : Plarium
Genre : MMO
Key Features
  • Multitude City-Building Game-play
  • Heroes and Equipment Crafting , Customize your Hero
  • Deep progression systems for strategy lovers
  • Join a Clan & Global PvP wars
Most played countries
  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. Russia
Our Score
  • Fun Factor : 9.7
  • Graphics : 9.6
  • Downloads : 9.8
MMO, Strategy
Array, Array
Most played countries
  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. Russia
Popular gamer age
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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wondering how great you’ll be as a Viking. Plarium’s Vikings: War of Clans” is a historically accurate MMO type strategy game that takes place in the Viking era, and it’s the closest you can get to the real thing. The game’s graphics are insane and super-realistic: the level of detail sets new standards for browser game graphics. War of Clans will let the inner Viking inside you run free!

The game’s setup is pretty standard: as the jarl, you’ll have to build your kingdom, raise your armies, wage war against other players but also form alliances; basically be as successful and vicious as possible. With the right attitude, you can really push it: the sky is the limit in this game! The hero-building RPG aspect is a great addition, offering a nice change of pace from all the building and fighting.

While rooted in the traditional city-building gameplay, War of Clans distinguishes itself from other games in the genre with its deep progression systems, which will make gamers with a passion for strategic playing very happy! “Vikings: War of Clans” does have traditional components, but overall this game is far from being one-dimensional – it actually offers great variety and complexity and, combined with the more traditional city-building and war-mongering features, guarantees long hours of gaming pleasure.

Main features:

  • City-building & Hero-growing: the unique mixture of RPG elements inside a city-building game forge a bond between you and your main character.
  • Deep progression systems: play strategically to discover all the different game scenarios – strategy lovers
  • Play solo or in a clan: climb up as the top Jarl in a solo game or create/ join a clan to combine forces with other players to tackle strong opponents.
  • Global PvP: face players from other clans in legendary PvP battles to prove you’re worthy and earn the respect from your own clan.
  • Free: playing War of Clans does not require credit card info submission, but players can buy advantageous game options (speed boosts, resources).


War of Clans looks absolutely fantastic! Through excellent graphics and animations, towns really come to live in the game. Once you start building, you see actual workers busting their asses in forges, mines, farms, and mills to provide your town its resources. The background music adds an extra dimension by creating an authentic Viking vibe, raising the experience to a new level. This will make you want to bring out the drinking horn! The downside of detailed graphics and continuous background music are the slightly longer than usual loading times. Speed and fast loading are vital, but this game offers enough to keep us focused – even with loading times testing our patience.

You can use your first login to take a full tutorial with a detailed explanation of the game. Players, in the role of Jarls, build their towns and create their armies, while managing the game’s various resources at the same time. For traditional players, the game’s main objective is to become a powerful player with a sizeable enough army to conquer other towns and last as long as possible. Playing solo is a good way to get to know the game, but joining a clan creates the ultimate War of Clans experience. Combine your strength with that of other players and conquer towns and kingdoms – like a true Viking! And once you really get into it, you’ll discover the deep progression systems that require strategic playing to grow your kingdom. You’ll be glued to the screen for hours!

Standout features

Knowledge trees

While your army is the dominant power, military strength alone is not enough to multiply your wealth and conquer “The North”. In general, using knowledge speeds up the game. Study all the options so you can play the game faster. It takes time, but it helps and adds an extra dimension to the game

Graphics & Animations

War of Clans scores high for visual attractiveness. The game is widely hailed as one of the best looking browser games around. Your town really comes to life thanks to details like hard-working farmers and miners.


Immerse into the day-to-day town life. While not very useful from a strategic point of view, it’s very entertaining to zoom in on the town. It looks excellent and makes you feel more part of the world you’re temporarily part of.

The Bottom Line

It’s probably safe to say that Vikings: Age of War has so much to offer to strategy browser game lovers.

From the familiar empire building and MMO warfare mechanics, to the great new additions of the interweaving knowledge trees and hero system, the game does a very good job at offering players meaningful busy work. This will greatly benefit active players in the long run, thus making it an extremely addictive browser game. Under the graphical point of view, this title is definitely one of the best products ever released to date, and the pleasant, thematic soundtrack greatly contributes to a convincing atmosphere.

Even if “immersivity” usually isn’t the most regarded aspect when playing a browser game like this, it’s seriously amusing to zoom into our town view and watch our little 3D citizens perform their daily routines. For the first time while playing a strategy browser game, we felt part of the world in which we were playing, and that’s a huge plus.